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Infrared Photography - an Introduction - Mike Busby Photography

Infrared Photography – by Mike Busby
I want to create photographs that stretch the imagination. They need to capture attention and compel the mind toward creative reflection. I want images of the familiar, but with shifts into the new and the unknown. While there are many techniques to do this, few are more striking and immediate than infrared photography. 

When done well, infrared creates worlds with dark skies and white landscapes. It creates surreal vistas that are as real as any black and white photograph. The images may look different, but the camera is recording very real and natural light. Infrared is not an effect, but an honest and alternate way to view the world. 

Infrared in photography generally refers to “near infrared.” This portion of the light spectrum is just beyond the visible realm. Foilage and things that are green reflect the most light, and they are recorded as white. Areas that don’t reflect infrared light, such as blue skies, are recorded as shadows and blacks. 


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