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Mike Busby's School of Photography - Registration and Class Information

Contact Information:
Mike Busby EMail:
Send me an E-Mail: Subject - Mike’s School, if you want to
 Register for September classes, or
if you have questions
Tuition is $250 - to be made after contact. Class registration is first-come, first-serve and spaces are limited.

Welcome to Mike Busby’s School of Photography. The school's goals are simple: We want you to photograph with conviction, present with confidence, and let your creativity fly. This is a place where you will learn the mechanics of the camera, the craft of processing, and the infusion of your style while learning the industry standards that take the guesswork out of photography and processing.

I’ve instructed people learning the basics all the way to working professionals needing specialized training. I’m here when you’re learning, I’m here when you have questions, and I’m here to give you feedback. No other form of training can provide the evaluation, coaching, and confidence needed to improve your p…

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