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Spokane Creeks by Mike Busby Photography

I spent the Spring traversing and photographing the creeks near and around Spokane.

These are photographed with a Nikon d810 and either the 50mm 1.8d or 24mm 2.8d prime lenses. Also used were Tiffin 2, 3, and 4 stop neutral density filters and a Tiffin circular polarizer. All photographs were done on top of an Induro carbon tripod while using the Manfrotto 410 geared tripod head.

I tend to travel light. The camera with a small 50mm prime lens, a second small 24mm prime lens, a few filters, batteries and memory cards. The lenses have step-up rings to fit 77mm filters. So, all of my lenses use one filter size and that means I buy and carry only one set of filters.

Two other items of interest are a pair of aqua shoes for traversing the creeks and a hood loupe. The hood loupe is 2x magnifier that sets on top of the back screen. It allows easy and clear viewing of the back screen during harsh and bright light.

Most of the photographs were made while using between 3 and 6 stops of neutral d…

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